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Amend the Constitution to provide the "RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS."  Until then . . . expedite firearms licensing AND eliminate prison term for unlicensed firearms found on private property.


CHEAP Blood and Bones
(Jul-Dec 2002)
"Where choice is set between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence...
I prefer to use arms in defense of honor, rather than remain the vile witness of dishonor ..." Mahatma Gandhi
Work in Progress-this
is a priliminary list

Dec 28: Basil Singh (50) and his son, Muneshwar (21), are shot by armed gunmen in their store in Annandale. The gunmen left without robbing the store. Mr. B. Singh dies on 29th. (Death # )

Dec 24: CS&R Trading Guyana Inc., Charlestown, is robbed by three gunmen. Loss: $600G.
Dec 24: Mohabir Lall (40), of Non Pariel, is shot in the head by 1 of 2 bandits waiting on him just by his home. He died days later. (Death#  )
Dec 23: Vishan Seejodie (16) of Vreed-en-Hoop, is kidnapped and then released by unknown men who drove away with him in a white car. A $50,000 ransom demand was made.
Dec 23: Paul Nedd (31), taxi driver of Paradise is killed by assailant(s) laying in wait for him and just as he stepped out of his car, outside his home (Death# )
DEc 23: Colin Robertson (cop), is executed by two gunmen who lay in wait, shooting 12 bullets into him as he left his home for work. (Death #) 12th cop to die.
Dec 20: C. Jewanand, owner of business at Vigilance, comes under heavy attack as gunmen fired on his home, and threw bottle bombs. He had rec'd threats.
Dec 19: Premsunder of Annandale, is shot by gang at Buxton as they tried to steal two of his cows. This is the second time they have taken cattle from him.
Dec 19: Marlon Joseph (16) of Buxton is shot in a barber shop and killed by man with whom he had argument earlier. The man was in turn shot by some others and bunt alive. (Deaths # and # )
Dec 19: A 15-yr-old Annandale student is kidnapped-managed to escape captors after being bound with his shirt by abductors who took him to Buxton.
Dec 18: Ken La Rose, shot on America/ Water Sts. CANU comes under fire.
Dec 17: Heeraman Sahadeo (19), of Mon Repos, is kidnapped when he went to Buxton to collect money owed him. $2M ransom called for.
Dec 12: A resident of Lusignan is robbed by two men of his cycle, watch, and cash after going to Buxton post office. In a separate incident, a butcher from Plaisance is robbed by two armed men in Buxton.
Dec 9: Nigel Blaise (26), is shot and killed while in a car apparently by a man he knew/had argument with. (Death# )
Dec 8: Miguel Toney (39), an Amerindian man found dead in Paramakatoi. He went hunting; found shot to death.
Dec 3: Quincy James (18), unarmed traffic cop shot at least 12 times as Black militants (12-15 men) carry out large-scale robbery on Regent St. Use of Channa bomb, Alim Shah store etc., robbed $2.5 million. (Death# )Mohammed Salim, shot in back by men on Alexnder St. as they escaped.

Nov 30: Gunmen robbed a housewife of No. Onevillage, Berbice, of $200G.
Nov 29: Shawn Forde and Selwyn Pollore are killed by gunmen in a car. Treston Talbot and Gita Singh (of Dharm Sala) are also injured. (Deaths # and )
Nov 21: Two teens (16 and 17) with guns hold up gas station on Sheriff/David Sts.
Nov 21: Gunmen robbed family in Coldingen, and then got away in Buxton, covered by other gunmen in Buxton. A police patrol on the scene forced to retreat.
Nov 16: A car is stopped in Buxton, driver robbed, and car set afire.
Nov 14: NOTE: Death of "Inspector Gadget" aka Premkumar Sukraj-killed in Side Line Dam, Middle Road, allegedly by Phantom group.
Nov 13: Banks DIH truck is robbed in Wisroc Housing Scheme, Linden.
Nov 13: Edmund Solomon (62), of Annandale, is robbed by three armed men
Nov 11: Katie Ageday (32), of Agricola, is shot in her chest by a man.
Nov 11: Joel Evans (30) of Bagotstown. EBD, is shot and killed as he stopped to buy bread. Apparently, a man stopp ans shot him for his "shine" bike.
Nov 5: Dorothy Williams (54) of E. Ruimveldt, is killed accidentally by police fire as the cornered known criminal Adrian Greene, who is killed. (Death# )
Nov 4: Four killed by bandits on Diwali night: Otheneil Embrack David St. Kitty, Derrick Torrington, Andrew McPherson of St. Ruimveldt, and Oliver Springer of Sophia. These men apparently went after the bandits after one of them (Embrack) was attacked. (Deaths# )
Nov 4: Bandits attack unidentified businessman on Middle Road, La Penitence on Diwali night. He opens fire and killed one.

Oct 30: Motilall (Uncle Jinga) (65), of Annandale, is kidnapped by a group of armed teens from Buxton. 20M ransom asked.
Oct 29: Ramdyal Dasai (49), of Enterprise, is shot and killed by a stray bullet as police shot as killed a wanted man (M. Goodman). (Death# )
Oct 28: Wayne Bristol (24), of Buxton, was killed when an irate crowd in Buxton lights a car in which he was in on fire. (Death# )
Oct 28: The Brama escape which left some 6 Black militants-criminals dead.
Oct 26: 3 of 6 armed bandits nabbed by Enterprise policing group as they attempt to rob GUYSUCO payment office.
Oct 25: Kwality Super Center, at Camp and Regent, is robbed; $200G in clothes.
Oct 25: Kumar Rampersaud and daughter Madonna Rampersaud (16), of Cove and John, are kidnapped by 4-armed men. Released a few hours after, after ransom is paid.
Oct 24: Fazil Mohamed and wife Nadia Khan, owners of Kanhai's General Store, in Eccles, EBD, robbed by 5 armed bandits. $350G loss. Shamsudar Khan, the sick father of Ms. Khan, dies upon hearing the news. (Death # )
Oct 24: A juvenile is kidnapped on the East Bank but found in Durban Street.
Oct 24: Bramanand "Bramma" Nandalall, "businessman," is kidnapped after a shooting spree on Regent Street by his store. He is kidnapped by Dale Moore etc. Bystanders Elizabeth Jones (shoulder) and John Payne (groin) shot.
Oct 23: Kamaldeo Ganesh (27), of Bladen Hall, is kidnapped & executed; shot in head. His body is found in Buxton days later. Ransom could not be afforded. (Death# )
Oct 23: Gunmen open fire on a police patrol at Houston, EBD, injuring a policeman.
Oct 23: Amanda Khan, 1-month pregnant is dragged and kicked in stomach by armed bandits (5) who also severely beat her father, Charles Sarjoo, in attack on their run shop in Friendship, EBD. $400G loss.
Oct 22: Andrew Adams (Linden), night watchman, is robbed of his gold teeth by 3 bandits (1 a woman); they used a knife to hastily dig off the gold.
Oct 22 : Robert Ragunandan is hit by stray bullet in his yard as 4 gunmen attack Bar-B-Q Restaurant. Also shot are a cook "Nibaldo," and a customer.
Oct 21 : Three bandits rob the Guyana Ice Factory in Ruimveldt.
Oct 19: Roy Singh (51) of West Ruimveldt, a guard, is found dead at his Mandela Avenue workplace with a stab wound to his neck. (Death # 52)
Oct 19: Timothy Sampson (24) (or Shawn St. Hill), of South Ruimveldt, a robber, is found dead in the vicinity of a crime scene on Longden St., possibly from shots fired AT a policeman and 2 crime victims confronted by a group of about 10 people armed with knives etc. (Death #51)
Oct 19: The two crime victims (listed above), a brother and sister, were robbed by a group of 5 men of a cell phone and $20G earlier.
Oct 18: James David Singh (43), of Lusignan, is shot by bandits ("Inspector Gadget," etc.) during an attack on Dr. Krishna K Sankara dentist's office at Vryheid's Lust North. ECD. Car and phone taken etc.
Oct 18: June Boucher, (48), of Plaisance, is stabbed repeatedly by her estranged as she was on her way to work.
Oct 18: Claudius Sam, a former prisoner is killed by gunmen in a car as he jacked his vehicle in Alberttown. Sam was one of 2 men freed of the charge of murdering cambio dealer Neville Sarjoo on May 30, 1998. (Death#50)
Oct 16: Kwame Wright (cop), is shot by a man after an altercation by Berbice car park. Nicolette Tappin and 2 other bystanders also hit indiscriminately. Ceon Pollard (cop), is shot by gunmen as he sat in a bar on D' Urban St.
Oct 16: Gladwin Fecker (35) and Orin Shultz (29) are shot dead in Lodge, G/town, after being called out of a video store by someone. (Deaths #48 and 49)
Oct 16: Alfred Crandon (49), is killed after being hit by 4 bullets while sitting in a minibus. Two men, having disembarked at Buxton, opened fire on the bus from the back before escaping into Buxton. (Death#47)
Oct 15 : Drepaul Beharry, wife, and family (2 girls), of Triumph, are terrorized and robbed by 4 gunmen. 9 yr-old slapped by bandits who held wife and older daughter hostage. Family did not returned to their home-for a while.
Oct 15: Colin Anderson, of Buxton, died after being beaten by 2 men-due to an argument over water coconut; the 2 are delivered to authorities by villagers.
Oct 14: A man (f. Kuru Kuru) is shot by a city constabulary, whom he tried to stab. He and an accomplice had just robbed someone of a gold chain on Water St.
Oct :12 Bandits in shootout with police officer in New Amsterdam gas station. One of the bandits recognized in "Inspector Gadget," (Premium Sukraj).
Oct 9: Man is robbed $10,000 by two men on a bicycle who fled into Buxton.
Oct 07: Jean Badrinauth (52), beaten and almost raped by bandits in her Foulis (ECD) home. Loss: $150G. The two Black bandits demanded their Indian counterpart rape and then kill her.
Oct 03: Torrin Gittins, taxi driver of East La Penitence, is shot after bandits robbed Johnny P Supermarket, and took his car. He died later. (Death#37)
Oct 02: Beepat family of Annandale, attacked and terrorized.RSM Lumber Yard of Melanie (Mr. Looknauth Persaud), also robbed.

Oct 01: Frederick Patterson (53), is beaten and shot in throat by bandits who robbed his bakery in Annandale. His wife is also beaten.
Sept 30: Gavin Joseph, taxi driver of Lodge, is killed by bandits, who had just robbed the Johnny P Supermarket, and escaped in his car. (Death#36)
Sept 26: Gunmen opened fire in a drive-by shooting on prison/officer's club, injuring at least 5, including Karen Sobers, a pedestrian passing by.
Sept 26: Vic Ricknauth ( on Camp Street is robbed $250G.
Sept 26: Lakeram Store of Non Pariel attacked and robbed by gunmen.
Sept 26: Large gang (20-25 people) opened fire on Vigilance police station.
Sept 25: Natoo's Liquor Store (Pike St.) attacked; 14 people hit, in a political attack to hit the DPP, Mr. Denis Hanomanshingh. Four died; Gavin Narine, Joy Arjune, Lloyd Singh, and a customs broker worker. (Deaths # 32-35)
Sept 25: Dillion Gomes of Campbellville; 2 "unidentified" men in a car that came in search of the young man's father shot him to death. (Death #32)
Sept 25: Group of mourners passing through Buxton are robbed.
Sept 24: Deodat Beepat and family of Annandale, are robbed by "bandits positively identified as residents of Buxton"; loss: $300G.Also, RSM Lumber Yard of Melanie (Mr. Looknauth Persaud), also robbed.
Sept 22: Savitri Kallicharran, of Anns Grove, is attacked by 2 bandits; Loss: $500G.
Sept 21: Balwaan Chand, is robbed of his motorcycle by 2 armed bandits.
Sept 21: Dharm Shala in New Amsterdam is attacked.
Sept 21: Ronald and Merelene Henry of Grove (EBD), are robbed in Cummings Lodge; Ronald is shot in leg.
Sept 19: Lilowatie Seenauth, pregnant (7 mth) is beaten and stabbed in her foot by bandit who attacked her home, stteing her mattress on fire etc.
Sept 14: Veronica Mohan and Usha, are robbed by 4 well-armed bandits at Merriman's Mall; Loss: $180G.
Sept 11: Chandroutie Premsuksh (Melanie), is chopped on her arm, stripped of her top, and chopped on her breast by bandits, who beat her blind/1-legged husband, Anil Sewcharran, and almost hung her grandchild. Loss:$500G.
Sept 11: Roy's Pharmacy in Bourda Market robbed by armed men.
Sept 10: DIH Quik Serve outlet in Linden robbed by gunmen.
Sept 9: Sonia Ragbar,29, pregnant, is shot in hip by bandits. Her husband Doodnauth was also shot in his leg. Robbery attempt failed.
Sept 3: Andre Stafford, a deaf mute, was murdered, his throat slit. (Death #31)

Aug 30: Motilall Lall, 45, of G/town, a taxi driver, is murdered by four men in La Grange, WCD. They were caught 2 weeks after. (Death #30)
Aug 29: Samad Allie Parabo, who owns a music store in De Willem (WCD), robbed.
Aug 27: Non Pariel families come under heavy attack by gang of 12 armed bandits. At least 5 families attacked, including that of Haroon Rasheed, who was lighted afire. He died days later (Death #29). Also, two young women were raped. This group was led alleged by "Inspector Gadget."
Aug 27: Feroze Bashir (20), a cop, is gunned down outside his lover's home in Buxton. (Death#29) (Cop Death#9)
Aug 25: Chinese restaurant attacked; owner chopped with own cutlass.
Aug 24: Vibert Inniss, second in command of CANU is gunned down as he bought newspaper in Buxton. His companion-shot, lived. (Death # 28)
Aug 24: Underground Sports Bar in Lusignan robbed by armed bandits.
Aug 23: Youths in rampage rob stallholders in Enterprise market.
Aug 23: Jagdeo & Sons store in Alexander Village attacked. Loss; $1/2 m.
Aug 22: Savitri Teakaram, proprietress of A&R Bargain Centre on Robb Street, robbed. Bandits stripped her and left her in her underwear. Loss: $600G.
Aug 22: Dr. Neville Fung-A-Fat, killed by bandits who posed as patients in his clinic. He was found bound and gagged. (Death #27)
Aug 21: Michael Cumberbatch, guard at Bhagan's Drug Store at Middle/Camp Streets, is killed by gunman. (Death #26)
Aug 21: Bandits break into Greater G/town Fisherman's Cooperative Society at Houston and stole a boat and over $500,000.
Aug 20: Gas station at Vreed-en-Hoop, robbed by bandits who beat the guard. Loss:a generator, $120G and $160G worth in 5-gallon pails of oil.
Aug 19: Naitiram Ramroop (48) of Good Hope, ECD, a vendor, is robbed by bandits.
Aug 19: Vacationing family returning from Barbados stopped and robbed by bandits at Coverden, EBD. The family preferred not to release name.
Aug 18: Compton DeAbreu (62), pensioner, is robbed as he waqlked through Nabaclis cemetery to get home.
Aug 18: Askia Certima, (of Non-Pariel Pharmacy) is injured by bandits who hit her with a gun during robbery.
Aug 15: Wife of Orin Braithwaite, moneylender, is beaten, gun placed in her mouth, as bandits rob and terrorize her and her grandchild at home.
Aug 14: Jenny Chowtie, 45, Best Village, is attacked by 3 armed men. Loss: $61G
Aug 14: Deonarine Nemraj, Sarvanan, Ramiz Raja, owners of Atlantic Netsurf located at Turkeyen, ECD, are robbed (as their customers). Shivindial is lashed with the back of a chopper on his face.
Aug 14: Colin Harper, is kidnapped, shot, and locked in his car trunk. He managed to escape.
Aug 12: Home of Mark Benschop, TV personality, burglarized. $0.5 M loss.
Aug 12: Cecil Payne, Sabrina Quallis and family of South Ruimveldt, terrorized and robbed. Tyrone Payne is beaten with b/ball bat. Loss: $700,000. Security guard of a nearby school also beaten by the five armed men
Aug 12: A drive by shooting left three policemen seriously injured; constables Lewis, Kobeer and Joseph are injured.
Aug 12: Elderly pair, Rajday Kissoondial and his wife Sita, are robbed at knifepoint before leaving Guyana.
Aug 12: Shetal Ramcharitar and Dharampaul Budhu, owners of Vishnu's Jewelery on Albert Street, Alberttown, robbed; Loss; $1 million.
Aug 11: Swadesh Nehru and wife Indira Bisram with their children come under attack in their minibus while driving through a road leading to Enterprise.
Aug 11: Vickram Jairam (18), son of owner of F&I Jairam Sons and Daughters in Charlestown, is shot in mysterious circumstance in front of CANU HQ.
Aug 10: Shirley Stephens, 41, of Linden, is stabbed 10 times by unknown man.
Aug 10: Noel Jones (70), the guard, is attacked and stabbed repeatedly by bandits who proceeded to rob the Original Dairy Bar on Croal Street.
Aug 9: Muniram Jayanand (25), police constable is shot by gunman in a drive by shooting, in front of Club Nite Life on Camp Stret.
Aug 8: CANU HQ on Carifesta Avenue is attacked; grenades thrown inside.
Aug 8: Post Office van attacked; mails stolen.
Aug 8: Geneva Cummings, 43, of Turkeyen, is robbed after taking shower.
Aug 8: TransPacific Auto Spares robbed of jewelry and cash ($300G).
Aug 8: Imran Hassan (35) and wife are terrorized by bandits who tied and gagged Ms. Hassan before shooting Mr. Hassan in his stomach. Loss: $200G.
Aug 7: Attack on Chester family in Friendship/Buxton. Two family propertied burned completely, family members shot at as they tried to escape fire. Family matriarch, Ms. Edris Chester (69), was forced to throw grandson out of window. At least two of her grandchildren are shot as they attempted to escape while a gang of gunmen watched.
Aug 7: Marilyn Converty, a Stabroek Market vendor, is attacked in her home and robbed by gunmen.
Aug 6: Mark Sukhu, an 11-year-old boy from Enterprise, ECD, is robbed of his gold chain as he ran an errand.
Aug 5: Anthony Rutherford, has his vehicles and tires (from tire shop) burned by gunmen…because of his role as a rural constable.
Aug 5: Philbert Clarke has his car hijacked by gunmen who also took his cell phone.
Aug 5: Jacobis Outar and his wife Chandranie Outar, are robbed by gunmen of $80,000 in cash, a wristwatch, and gold chain.
Aug 4: Children's party held at North Road, Lacytown, is attacked by bandits.
Aug 4: Anita Singh and her mother Savitri Sookdeo of Melanie Damishana are robbed of $300,000 in cash and jeweler. Thereafter, one of the bandits cut off Mr. Singh's long hair with a knife, saying that he does not like "her kind of people" (Indians). Obviously, a blatant racial attack.
Aug 2: Radha Makhanlall (66), businesswoman, of Port Mourant, Berbice, is strangled to death and robbed. Her hands were tied behind her back, and a serious wound found on her head.
Aug 1: Ramcharan Boodhoo, businessman, is shot in leg by bandits who held him up in Wismar as he retuned from Madhia.
Aug 1: Eddy Reddock, taxi driver, is robbed $5,000 and has his car taken by gunman.
Aug 1: A Route 42 minibus is held up by two of the passengers who proceeded to rob the other passengers and the bus conductor.

July 30: Shivdat Narine, gas attendant at a La Grange gas station, is attacked and robbed on the job some $60,000.
July 29: Bicycle bandits attack and robbed a number of commuters and delivery vehicles in Buxton area.
Jul 28: Female guard attacked in West Ruimveldt, blindfolded by bandits who wanted but did not get any firearm from her. She had none.
Jul 27: Dhanashrie Puran (owner of Jack of Club store), of Good Fortune, WCD, is robbed by gunmen; Loss: $90,000 in stock and cash.

This is a priliminary list

Prelude to an Age of Eye Pass:

Sundyal Singh is killed in 1997 post-elections bomb explosion at CN Sharma's TV station.


On June 28, the Guyana Police Force issued a press release which noted that criminal elements were being used to "destabalise" the country, and that many of the crime victims were purposefully selected by race. This list compiled herein consists primarily of recorded facts from cases that made the Guyana press. Naturally, it does not include all post-elections violence and criminal disobedience, nor very personal cases such as rapes. Some cases for which correct names and/or dates were not totally established were also, for the most part, ignored. Ragnauth Ragoobar who was shot and killed by bandits is one such example.


"You are either with them or against them and they are now making this out to be a race issue.

I believe Indian people have to band together now.

We have to seek security in our own way and

I see myself being singled out because I'm an Indian leader and nothing else."

-Manzoor Nadir, after his home is attacked on April 24 .


"They beat me on my head and about my body with a cutlass and asked where my husband was..."

-Ester Budram


"One of them choked me and beat me with a cutlass demanding money and jewellery. Another held my daughter and threatened to chop her leg  out with the cutlass."

-Rajwantee Budram


"I was pulled out of the bus by about five men, beaten and thrown to the ground..."

"The mob was chanting 'Kill' and 'More Fire' and they began throwing missiles at the bus forcing us to turn back ..."

-Kemdas Raghoo, one of four men chopped on April 18 in minibus hold up in Golden Grove.


"I run and locked up the back door and after then I came back and see him [Rajnauth] lying on the ground with blood."

-Vijay Lakram, Rajnauth's assistant, explaining that he was so fearful for his life that he ran home.


Calls for the right to be Armed:


" The robbers out there have guns. They do not have to apply to the police for them. We are at a disadvantage. If we are found with an illegal weapon we would be jailed"

--Chintaman, after his store was robbed by 5 armed men on 10/25


"As the slow fire is flaming in Georgetown, and the inferno is driving constant fear into the lives of all Guyanese, what is it that a legitimate government is doing to protect its citizens. Where is that mandate? The cry can be felt everywhere, especially among the business sector. Again, I wish to ask, "where are the guns." Businessmen are being terrorised and killed who are defenseless, and yet no protection is coming from the government. Mr. Ravi Dev is endlessly saying that people should stand up and protect themselves. Yet several appeals in writing to the Minister of Home Affairs and the Commissioner of Police to evaluate qualified individuals to issue them a licensed firearm are completely ignored..."

-Dr.Veerasammy Ramayya (Stabroek News,4/25)

"I have read that the police arrested the Rambarrans for the possession of unlicensed guns and ammunitions at their Bel Air home. I have no idea whether the Rambarrans had the gun to protect themselves from the growing problems of armed robbery in Guyana or had other reasons for weapon possession...I know that my parents tried to obtain a gun license for their protection, but were unsuccessful. I also read that bandits attacked a woman and her kids in South Ruimveldt last week...I am angry because decent citizens are being denied the right to bear arms for their protection, although the police force seems to be unable to protect them...The citizens of Guyana should be afforded the right to protect themselves."

-Ms. Prudence Baker, California (Stabroek News, 5/21)

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