Press Release from Embassy of Guyana in Washington

Embassy of the Republic of Guyana
2490 Tracy Place NW. Washington, DC 20008
Phone: 202 265 6900. Fax: 202 232 1297

The Embassy of Guyana in Washington, DC wishes to advise all interested persons concerned about the current flood disaster affecting parts of Guyana. As at the afternoon of Friday, January 21, the situation is as follows:

1. Affected Areas

The Government of Guyana estimates that some 400,000
persons have been
affected by the flooding primarily in Region 3 (West
Demerara/Essequibo), Region 4 (Demerara/Mahaica) and
Region 5 (Mahaica/Berbice).

2. Relief Operations Centre

The Government of Guyana has established a Joint
Operations Centre to receive non-monetary donations.
The Commander and address of the Centre are:

Colonel John Lewis
Joint Operations Centre
Guyana Police Force Headquarters
Eve Leary
Kingston, Georgetown

3. Monetary Donations

Donations of money should be sent to:

The National Relief Fund
Bank of Nova Scotia
104 Carmichael St.
Account No. 109780

4. Food

Hot meals are being provided by the Government through the Civil Defence Commission, a process which will continue. However, these efforts are falling short of the emergency needs of the affected population and is significantly
hampered by transportation difficulties. In the medium term, more dry and canned rations will be required to complement the individual’s own efforts in making adjustments to normal living.

5. Shelter

Thousands of households have been evacuated and relocated in a coordinated manner. The demand for shelter and amenities is growing.

6. Water and sanitation

The flooding has resulted in contamination of the water system and distribution has been affected by flood-induced interruptions of electricity supplies. The Government has set up community water delivery points for the mobile residents of affected areas. In the medium term, support will be needed to rehabilitate water treatment and distribution systems.

7. Water Transport

The duration and depth of the flooding has demanded the resort to water transportation means to access the hundreds of communities affected. The system of delivery of relief and evacuation depend on shallow water transportation.

8. Emergency Relief Items

Relief items most urgently needed are:

i. Food – Canned or packaged meats, vegetables, soups
and stews for adults and babies
ii. Shelter goods – Mattresses, beds, bed sheets,
small kerosene stoves, water purification and
sanitation supplies
iii. Wet weather wear – Rubber boots, raincoats etc.
iv. Plastic water tanks with a capacity of 600-1000
gallons and smaller containers for carrying water with
a capacity of 2-5 gallons
v. Portable sanitation facilities
vi. Inflatable rubber boats
vii. Retractable bridges
viii. Small, flat-bottomed aluminium boats (15-20ft)
in length
ix. Generators of 150-300 KVA
x. 4x4 trucks with and without trays with an engine
capacity of 3000-4500cc
xi. Complete drainage/irrigation mobile pumps of 250
hp (detailed specifications will be provided by the
Embassy upon request)

The Embassy of Guyana deeply appreciates the offers of assistance and support from concerned Guyanese and
organizations across the USA. The Embassy asks for the patience and understanding at this enormously difficult time for our nation and wishes to assure that everything possible is being done to bring about relief to the affected communities in a coordinated, expeditious and fair manner.

Washington, DC
January 21, 2005


January 21, 2005
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